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Founded in 2014 to create collaborative efforts within the community to unify people and enlighten one another about life through artistic expression. The founder's compassion towards those who want to strive in the arts and those who would like to advance their lives out of a needy situation is the main driving force of Light of Enrichment, Inc. 


Light of Enrichment Inc is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides arts, cultural, and humanities programs and projects for charitable, educational, and literary purposes.


Our Staff


Our main staff includes only three people who work continuously to make a difference. For our programs, we ask experts in their respective fields to speak with and share experiences with our program and event attendees. We want to provide the most thorough and effective services as possible. As well as, show respect and appreciate to the talented individuals within our community. 

Our Mission


To create enlightening films, events, and live programming.


To assist underprivileged youth, families, and individuals with opportunities for advancement in the arts, media, and humanities.


To provide metaphysical education to enhance positive creativity and reduce stressful life situations.

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